Zheng Weiping, the Sword Master of Zheng's Swordsman: Competing in the e-commerce arena to dominate the animation world
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At the source of the Oujiang River, there is an ancient mountain city named Longquan, named after the "Longyuan" sword cast by Ou Yezi, the originator of the sword, and the people live by the sword.

Xinhuanet, Hangzhou, December 7th (Xu Lejing) On December 2, the film "The Sword of the Three Young Masters", produced by Xu Ke and directed by Er Dongsheng, was released in China and inspired the 80th generation. The young man "Xia Ke Meng".

For the "post-80s" who entered their first years, martial arts and swords have run through the first 30 years of life. In the rivers and lakes of Jin Yong and Gulong, the teenagers always dream of becoming a knight, smashing the rivers and lakes with one sword. The young girls also imagine that there is a universal hero who rides a white horse and wields a sword to protect her for life.

At the source of the Oujiang River, there is an ancient mountain city named Longquan, named after the "Dragon Yuan" sword made by Ou Yezi, the originator of the sword. The people live on the sword. The swordsmiths have the dream of being a knight, and they use their skills to make a peerless sword. Good sword, gallop across the rivers and lakes.

27 years of infatuated casting of swords and founding of the Zheng family

In 1969, the arena was very lively.

In Hong Kong, Mr. Jin Yong's martial arts novel "The Deer and the Ding Ji" began to be serialized in Ming Pao until 1972. This was Jin Yong's last martial arts novel, which was later made into movies and TV series many times.

In Taiwan, Mr. Gu Long began to create "Xiao Shi Shi Lang", which is Gu Long's outstanding work at the peak of his creation, and it is also the first martial arts masterpiece with a script and then a novel.

In Longquan, the "state of swords", the Longquan sword, which was criticized and sealed as the "Four Olds", gradually had a trend of revival, until the end of 1971, it became famous all over the world and was included in the "national gift".

This year, Zheng Weiping was born quietly in a village in Longquan.

At that time, most rural families were impoverished, and Zheng Weiping's family was no exception. From childhood and growing up to adolescence, Zheng Weiping had never seen martial arts, nor did he understand the world, let alone Jin Yong and Gu Long who created the world. All he had in mind was to make money to support his family.

In 1988, the output value and sales of the Longquan Swords of the Longquan Sword Factory both exceeded the one million mark, generating profits and taxes of 165,000 yuan, the highest in history. Subsequently, the sword-making industry has also become a local sweet and pastry. In 1989, Zheng Weiping, who had just turned 20, stepped into the sword-making industry resolutely, determined to become a sword-making master.

Time flies, twenty-seven years with a flick of a finger. From a 20-year-old Maotou boy to now knowing his fate, Zheng Weiping has always been in love with sword forging skills. In his first year in the industry, he first learned from Lishui City Arts and Crafts Master Zhu Jianlin, and then followed Longquan Shen Guanglong Jianpu's fourth-generation heir "national non-genetic inheritor" and Chinese arts and crafts master Shen Xinpei to learn sword forging skills. After three years, Zheng Weiping inherited the tradition and learned from others.

In 1992, Zheng Weiping set up his own business, founded the "Zheng" sword and became the head of the school.

From the moment he held the sword in his hand, Zheng Weiping turned into a Wu Chi. He said: "The rivers and lakes always have a charm. As long as you step in, you can't bear to leave."

Innovate traditional skills to stabilize the status of the arena

"Zheng's" sword is located in the Celadon Sword Park in Longquan City. It is a company that integrates R&D, production and sales of various traditional Chinese swords, Western swords, katana and animation derivatives.

Since the beginning of the independent school, Zheng Weiping has never slackened in sword-making skills for 24 years. He knew that in the world of swordsmanship, heroes gathered, and only with diligent study, research and exploration, could he remain invincible.

While studying Chinese sword forging techniques with great concentration, he is also brave to innovate. "Previously, the traditional techniques and processes of Longquan sword pattern steel covering and burning blade were not perfect. For this, I spent a long time improving and innovating."

Zheng Weiping introduced that the skills and processes before the innovation were: material selection, earth furnace smelting, manual folding and forging, manual sanding, soil covering, earth furnace burning, straight sword body, hand sanding, hand fine grinding, sword body decoration, Finished product acceptance. And he turned "hand folding forging" into "air hammer forging", "manual sanding" into "mechanical sanding", and "earth furnace burning" into "industrial resistance furnace heating". "First, greatly reducing production costs; second, greatly improving product quality; third, effective investment in mass production, reducing personnel input." Zheng Weiping detailed the advantages of the reform.

"The edge of the sword comes from the sharpening." Zheng Weiping has established his status in the arena with great concentration.

In 2009, Zheng Weiping's "Winging Crane Flying Sword" won the Silver Award of the "East Carving Cup" at Zhejiang Fine Arts Exposition; in 2012, "Ming Yongle Sword" was collected by the Shenyang Palace Museum in Liaoning Province; in 2012, "Golden Dragon Sabre", "Luxury Gemstone Tang Knife" won the silver and gold awards of arts and crafts in the 26th China Beijing International Handicrafts and Gifts Exhibition; in 2013, "Chilong Sword" and "Kangxi War Sword" won the 3rd China Zhejiang Arts and Crafts In the boutique exposition, won the "Ming and Qing Ju Cup" gold and silver awards; in 2014, "Ming Gongqing Sabre" and "Auspicious Dragon Sword" won the "CITIC Cup" in the 4th China Zhejiang Arts and Crafts Exposition Grand prize and gold prize...

Compete in e-commerce arena, dominate the animation world

Since ancient times, the sects of the rivers and lakes have been in constant disputes.

How to be invincible in the arena? How to make Zheng's sword famous at home and abroad? Zheng Weiping thought while rushing.

In 1992, in the early stage of the establishment of Zheng's swords, he adopted the extensive production and management model of "front shop and back factory". At that time, Zheng Weiping was a young knight, carrying a sword he forged, single-handedly promoting sales.

Ten years later, Zheng Weiping completed the first round of primitive accumulation. At this time, the world is also undergoing changes. E-commerce platforms led by Taobao have gradually emerged and become a trend. "From 2002 to 2008, we began to expand the scale of production and explore domestic and international markets with the help of e-commerce platforms."

In Zheng Weiping's view, whether it is forging swords or selling, competition always exists.

In order to stabilize the position of the arena, he must always follow the wind. In 2004, when the international market saw good, he decisively gave up the domestic market and focused on foreign trade; in 2008, affected by the international financial crisis, the international market was in a downturn, and he quickly transformed into a "two-legged" walk, and the international and domestic markets went hand in hand.

Today, "Zheng's" has an annual output of more than 600,000 swords, with more than 500 product styles, an output value of more than 100 million yuan, and an export value of more than 3 million US dollars. "The animation sword series derivative products that we developed and created are based on traditional swords and are based on market demand. Through the e-commerce platform, we sell animation swords to major cities in China and Japan, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the United States. In more than 40 countries and regions, we have truly become the leader of Longquan sword industry."

Today's Zheng has two factories, old and new, covering an area of 23 acres, more than 200 employees, and more than 60 patents. It can be described as an endless stream of cars and horses. (Finish)