• 01 2023-02

    The beginning is a decisive battle, and the beginning is a sprint! Wang Guofeng Investigates Key Projects and Enterprises' Resumption of Work and Production

    These two days Wang Guofeng, Deputy Secretary of the Longquan Municipal Party Committee and Acting Mayor Go deep into project construction sites and enterprise production workshops Supervise and visit key projects and enterprises' resumption of work and production

  • 17 2023-10

    Lishui Public Security: Be a Good Escort for Economic Development

    Since the beginning of this year, the Lishui Public Security Bureau has been focusing on the three "No.1 Projects", continuously polishing the "11087 · Qinqing in Zhejiang" service brand for enterprises, continuously deepening all-round, various fields, and multi-level police enterprise cooperation, creating a closed-loop system of rule of law assistance for enterprises that is "safe", "safe", "safe", and "safe", and fully safeguarding economic and social order and the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises, Provide higher quality public security supply for the demonstration zone of common prosperity in the revolutionary old areas.

  • 06 2022-10

    How to choose a scabbard?

    A good horse has a good saddle, and a good knife has a good sheath. There are many comments and knowledge about knives, but less about scabbards. So, how to choose the right scabbard? Today, I will list several common scabbards, make a comparative analysis, and check the advantages and disadvantages of various scabbards.

  • 26 2022-08

    Classification of Longquan Sword Varieties

    Longquan Baojian has three basic types: hard sword, soft sword and traditional martial arts sword.Hard sword: It is famous for its hardness and sharpness. It can cut fifteen or six coppers without hurting the blade.

  • 16 2022-03

    The Historical Story of Longquan Sword

    Longquan Sword is one of the ten famous swords in ancient China. Now it also refers to the sword cast in Longquan, Zhejiang Province, according to the traditional techniques of the Han nationality. It is said that it was forged by Ou Yezi, the great swordsman. In order to cast this sword, Ou Yezi cut through Mount Ci, released streams from the mountain, and led them to the seven pools surrounded by the Big Dipper, which is called "Seven Stars".

  • 16 2019-12