Master of Arts and Crafts —— weiping zheng
Zheng Weiping, born in Longquan, Zhejiang Province in 1969, college degree, member of the Communist Party of China, vice chairman of Longquan Sword Association; founder of Zheng's sword, representative inheritor of Lishui City intangible cultural heritage, Zhejiang Province Arts and Crafts Excellent Talent, Zhejiang Province Senior arts and crafts artist, Zhejiang Province arts and crafts master.

Since childhood, I have been immersed in the sword culture of Longquan, and I have a special liking for sword forging technology and obsessed with it... Since the age of 19, in order to master the various skills of Longquan sword and sword forging, Zhu Jianlin, the head of Wanjian Villa, has embarked on a painstaking study. Road for decades. For corporate development. He further mastered Longquan sword and sword forging skills, and worshipped Shen Xinpei, a master of Chinese arts and crafts, as his teacher. Under their careful inheritance, I have devoted my time to the forging skills and materials of swords and swords, and strictly control the quality. After years of hard work and long-term research and exploration, I have inherited traditions, learned from others, and integrated ancient and modern sword forging techniques. "Zhengshi" brand swords were established, and Zhejiang Zhengshi Swords Co., Ltd. was founded. With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, the Zheng's swords developed and developed are well-known for their simplicity and elegance, mighty and generous, rigid and flexible, tough and sharp, cold light, and ingenious decorations. The products are sold in major domestic markets and Southeast Asia. , The Middle East, Europe and the United States and more than 40 countries and regions have been welcomed by domestic and foreign markets and praised by consumers.
● In 2009, "Crying Crane Flying Sword" won the Silver Award of "East Carving Cup" at Zhejiang Fine Arts Fair.

● In 2010, "Linglong Sword" won the silver prize of "Tian Craft Garden Cup" in Zhejiang Arts and Crafts Exposition.

● In 2011, "Heaven Sword" won the Bronze Award of "Tian Craft Garden·Hundred Flowers Cup" at the 12th China Arts and Crafts Master Works and International Fine Arts Fair.

● In 2012, "Luxury Jewel Tang Knife" won the Gold Medal of Arts and Crafts at the 26th China Beijing International Handicrafts and Gifts Exhibition.

● In 2012, "Ming Yongle Sword" was in the permanent collection of Shenyang Palace Museum.

● In 2013, "Chilong Sword" won the "Ming Qing Ju Cup" gold medal at the 3rd China·Zhejiang Arts and Crafts Exposition.

● In 2013, "Linglong Sword" was permanently collected by Zhejiang Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum

● In 2014, "Auspicious Dragon Sword" won the "CITIC Cup" Gold Award at the 4th China·Zhejiang Arts and Crafts Exposition.

● In 2015, "Wenze Sword" won the gold medal at the 5th China·Zhejiang Arts and Crafts Exposition.

● In 2015, "The Sword of Five Emperors" was collected by Zhejiang Arts and Crafts Museum

● In 2016, "Sword of Success" won the gold medal at the 6th China·Zhejiang Arts and Crafts Exposition.

● In 2017, "Sword of Fortune" won the gold medal at the 7th China·Zhejiang Arts and Crafts Exposition.

● In 2018, "Plum Blossom Sword" won the gold medal at the 8th China·Zhejiang Arts and Crafts Exposition.

● In 2018, "Sword of Prosperity" and "Sword of Five Emperors" were permanently collected by Zhejiang Museum.
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