How to maintain the sword?
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The knife (sword) is mainly composed of three parts: the blade body, sheath and accessories. Most of them are made of iron, steel, copper, wood and other materials. They should not be stored in damp places, and should not be exposed to substances such as acids and alkalis to avoid causing the knife. The rust of (sword). During use, try to avoid touching the blade (sword) body with your hands to avoid leaving sweat stains on the surface.

Knife (sword) maintenance steps:

1. Wiping the knife (sword): Use a cotton towel cloth, flannel or deerskin to gently wipe off the remaining oil and dust on the knife (sword) body, and then apply a little cotton gauze to wipe the sword oil evenly on the blade, for three minutes Then wipe it back and forth with the original cotton cloth for about 2-3 quarters to ensure that the blade (sword) body generates warmth. The purpose is to remove impurities on the blade surface and promote chemical changes in calcium phosphorus. Full of pores on the body of the sword (sword). At this point, you must be attentive and unanimous to avoid being cut or punctured.

2. Pan knife (sword): Put a long towel on the table (a large bath towel is also available), lay the knife (sword) body flat on it, and wrap a small piece of wood (about 1*3*12CM) with cloth or Use the flat side to rub the blade back and forth to make it slightly hot. After rubbing until it looks like there is oil but no oil, apply a small amount of wiping powder on the body of the sword (sword), and then continue to rub it for about a quarter of an hour. Its function is to remove scratches and increase the pores of the blade. The contraction speed and the upward movement must be calm and calm, so it can be regarded as an excellent way to cultivate one's body.

3. Apply anti-rust oil: If you don’t raise the sword every day or the place where you live is damp, you must apply a thin layer of anti-rust oil (gun oil, sewing machine oil, anti-rust oil) before the knife (sword) is sheathed. Avoid contact with air. However, if you can maintain it regularly every day, the sword body will be kept clean and beautiful, which is beneficial to the development of the sword and does not require oiling.

4. Maintenance accessories: wipe the accessories with the original maintenance cloth or leather. If you want to make the copper bright, you can hold it in a cloth circle, and then rotate it left and right, because there is residual oil on the cloth, which can protect it from Oxidation produces patina chlorine.

5. Raising a knife (sword) sheath: as the last procedure for raising a sword (sword), use the original maintenance cloth or apron to hold the knife (sword) sheath, rub the sword up and down, left and right, so as to make the wood heat, so that the wood is inside. The oil quality will slowly surface on the surface. After a long time, the surface of the entire knife (sword) sheath is covered with a layer of wood oil, like a layer of bright wax, not only has a wonderful texture, but also only needs to be wiped a little later to keep it shiny forever.