Publish time 2023-05-29 15:56    

Handforged Samurai Katana-41inch


Item #:ZS-9151

  • Overall Length:106CM 

  • Tsuka Length:26CM

  • Tsuka material: hard wood  

  • Blade Length:71CM

  • Saya  Length:76CM

  • Saya Material:Hard Wood Black  lacquered

  • Rayskin:(real)white stingray skin

  • Ito&Sageo:Japanese quality cord

  • Tsuba:brass with gold /silver plating

  • Fuchi,Kashira material: brass with gold /silver plating

  • Habaki:brass, hand engraved lines

  • Seppa,Menuki and shitodoms material:brass

  • Blade Material:1095 steel Clay-tempered real hamon

  • Blade width:3.2cmx2.0cm;Blade thickness:7.5mmx5.0mm

  • Blade edge:razor sharp

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