The Historical Story of Longquan Sword
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Longquan Sword is one of the ten famous swords in ancient China. Now it also refers to the sword cast in Longquan, Zhejiang Province, according to the traditional techniques of the Han nationality. It is said that it was forged by Ou Yezi, the great swordsman. In order to cast this sword, Ou Yezi cut through Mount Ci, released streams from the mountain, and led them to the seven pools surrounded by the Big Dipper, which is called "Seven Stars".

Longquan Sword is one of the ten famous swords in ancient China. Now it also refers to the sword cast in Longquan, Zhejiang Province, according to the traditional techniques of the Han nationality. It is said that it was forged by Ou Yezi, the great swordsman. In order to cast this sword, Ou Yezi cut through Mount Ci, released streams from the mountain, and led them to the seven pools surrounded by the Big Dipper, which is called "Seven Stars". When the sword is finished, you can look down at the body of the sword as if you were climbing a mountain and looking down into an abyss. Therefore, this sword is called "Seven Star Dragon Yuan", which is called Dragon Yuan Sword for short. In the Tang Dynasty, the word "Yuan" was changed into the word "Quan" because of avoiding the taboo of Li Yuan, the high ancestor. It was called "Seven Star Dragon Spring", which is called Dragon Spring Sword for short [1]. The sword was created about 3000 years ago at the end of Yin Dynasty and the beginning of Zhou Dynasty. Early swords are very short. In the Western Zhou Dynasty, the two armies fought mainly in chariot battles. At a distance, the bow and arrow would shoot at each other, and at a distance, the spears and spears would meet. Such a short sword was not needed. It was mainly used for self-defence at that time. In the late Spring and Autumn Period, Wu and Yue rose one after another and competed for hegemony in the south. Both countries are located in a water town with interlaced water networks and jungle, which is difficult to fight by car. Therefore, infantry and navy have become the main arms of the Wu and Yue armies, and swords have become the conventional weapons of the army. Therefore, both Wu and Yue attach great importance to the production of swords, and their sword casting technology has far surpassed that of other countries in the Central Plains to become the "hometown of swords" in ancient China.

Longquan Sword dates back to the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, more than 2600 years ago

According to Yuejueshu, in the Spring and Autumn Period, Ou Yezi chiseled the Mount Zizi, Xiexi River, and took Tieying from the mountain to make three swords, which were called "Longyuan", "Tai'a", and "Gongbu".

Longquan Sword has a long history and is famous both at home and abroad. During the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, Ou Yezi smelt swords at the foot of Qinxi Mountain in Longquan. According to the Annals of the Hundred Yue Sages, Ou Yezi "chiseled Mount Zishan, let its streams flow, took the Tieying from the mountain, and made three swords, which are called 'Longyuan', 'Tai'a', and 'Gongbu'". The original name of Longquan was Longyuan, which was named after the sword. In the Tang Dynasty, it was renamed Longquan because of the taboo of "Yuan". Longquan Sword is famous all over the world, and Longquan has also become the name of the sword.

The Tu Xing sword can wear copper cauldrons and is made of iron. Xu Zhong is as strong as Yumi, so it is called the Tu Xing. The Tu Xing sword can stab the copper pot, and each breach is like cutting rice cakes. The power of its two swords is also described in later literature records. For example, Xunzi: Zhan, black. Zhanlu is as black as water. That is, Zhanlu Sword is a black sword that combines hardness with softness. Another example is Huainan Zi Xiuwu Xun of the Han Dynasty, which states that if a man is pure and strong, and a fish intestine...... Is honed and sharpened, the water will break the dragon boat and the land will be rhinoceros armor. Chunjun and Yuchang are two swords. They can cut a huge dragon boat on water and pierce a strong rhinoceros armor on land. Their extraordinary power can be imagined. It is said that Guangwei, the prince of the State of Wu, sent an assassin to kill King Liao of Wu. He used a fish gut sword to pierce the three layers of armor of King Liao of Wu.


Ou Yezi, the founder of Longquan Sword, was born in Yue in the late Spring and Autumn Period and the early Warring States Period.

When Ou Yezi was born, it was the period of disputes among the countries in the Eastern Zhou Dynasty. He discovered the difference between the properties of copper and iron, and forged the first iron sword - "Longyuan", which was the first cold weapon in China. According to historical records, he forged five swords for the King of Yue, namely Zhanlu, Junjun, Shengxie, Yuchang and Tu Xing, which are the ancestors of sword casting in ancient China.

Related allusions

Story 1

Although the sword casting skill is superb, it is also famous for an ordinary fisherman whose real name cannot be known: the fisherman.

In the Spring and Autumn Period, Wu Zixu, a famous general who was killed by treacherous officials, was chased all the way by the troops and horses of the State of Chu. He fled to the bank of the Yangtze River, where he saw the vast rivers and waves. When Wu Zixu was in great anxiety, he found a boat coming from the upstream at a high speed. The fisherman on the boat repeatedly called him to get on the boat. After Wu Zixu got on the boat, the boat quickly disappeared into the Reed Pond, and the pursuers on the shore angrily left.

The fisherman took Wu Zixu to the bank and brought him wine and food. Wu Zixu thanked him a lot and asked him his name. The fisherman laughed about his waves and what his name was. He just said "fisherman". Wu Zixu thanked him and said goodbye. After walking a few steps, he turned back with concern and took the sword handed down from his waist: Seven Star Dragon Cave. He wanted to give this valuable sword to the fisherman to thank him, He also asked the fisherman not to reveal his whereabouts. The fisherman took the Seven Star Dragon Yuan sword, looked up to the sky, sighed, and said to Wu Zixu: "I saved you only because you are loyal to the country and don't want to repay. Now, you still suspect that I am greedy for profits and trust less. I have to show my purity with this sword.". After saying that, the sword cut itself. Wu Zixu regrets inexplicably. ― The story can be seen in Wu Yue Spring and Autumn.

Story 2

There is Huashan Mountain in the west and Donghua Mountain in the east (within Fengxian County). Although Donghua Mountain is not big, it is also mysterious. There is a golden mill in the front mountain, and a treasure will happen in the back mountain (also called Turtle Mountain). The mountain scenery is beautiful and changeable. "Fairy Cave", "Flying Stone", "Pine Cliff Dripping Green"... are the scenic spots for tourists. At a glance of the Old Dragon Spring, the green water flows out of the cave day and night, and the ancient trees and wild flowers in the mountain are picturesque.

Although Laolongquan is not big, it is very deep. Someone drives a group of ducks with red silk around their necks and marks into Laolongquan Cave. Three months later, the ducks appeared in the East China Sea. Therefore, it is said that the Old Dragon Spring in Huashan Mountain leads directly to the Old Dragon Palace in the East China Sea. Shrimp soldiers and crabs and Zhenhai Bruce Lee also haunted the Old Dragon Spring in Huashan Mountain. Laolongquan is not a common place.

Young Liu Bang often comes here to play. Several times he saw a white haired old man tinkling iron nearby the Old Dragon Spring, and he always burned the half brick iron. Liu Bang was surprised and asked the old man, "Grandpa, why do you always burn this iron?" The old man looked at him and said, "The knife is sharpened on the stone, and the steel is refined in the fire. How can it be a good steel without thousands of times of tempering?" Liu Bang asked, "How long will you practice?" "Seventy seven forty-nine days." Liu Bang was surprised and asked, "Grandpa, what do you use to make this steel?" The old man told him, "I want to fight a sword and give it to the emperor."

Hearing this, Liu Bang curled his mouth and said, "Hum, how dare you give the killing thing to a tyrant? Why not give it to me?" The old man smiled and said, "Not to the emperor today, but to a real dragon emperor in the future..." Liu Bang loved martial arts when he was young and longed for a good sword, so he said without thinking, "I am the real dragon emperor in the future. Give it to me when you play well..." The old man laughed and said, "You are a brave boy..." Liu Bang said, "There is nothing to be afraid of today's emperors and elders." The old man nodded slightly and said, "Well, I'll give you this sword when I have finished." Liu Bang said happily, "Grandpa, thank you! When can you play well?" The old man made an appointment with him and told him to go to the fourth watch and return to the fifth watch alone. He wanted to try his courage. Liu Bang thanked the old man and went back.

According to the agreed time, Liu Bang climbed the mountain alone in the dark and came to Laolongquan. He saw the old man waiting under the lamp. Liu Bang asked, "Is the sword ready?" The old man smiled, "Look!" Then he took it out of the red silk and took out the scabbard. The blade and tip of the sword were like lightning in the air. It was shining all around and cold. It was a rare sword in the world.

The old man inserted the sword into the scabbard, handed it to Liu Bang and said, "Are you in love?" Liu Bang was overjoyed and took the aisle with both hands: "Great!" Kowtow to thank the old man. He looked at the handle again, and saw a dragon carved on it, with the word "Longyuan". The old man said, "Why don't you try?" Liu Bang drew out the Dragon Spring Sword and danced for a while. The old man nodded and praised repeatedly and said, "You should take it with you. It will be of great use in the future." Then he handed Liu Bang a letter. Liu Bang took it and saw that it said:

"Kill evil spirits, avoid evil spirits, and kill corrupt officials. Kill the evil and pacify the good. One day, you need to rely on a three foot dragon sword to ascend the throne."

Liu Bang turned to look at the old man, who had disappeared.

Later, Liu Bang killed snakes in Mangdang Mountain to revolt, using this dragon yuan sword.